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Recover Lost Asus Laptop Data


I am using an Asus K55VM laptop which has been with me wherever I go. It has travelled backwards and forwards with me, and as a consequence of this, it has a lot of information on it that I would really like to keep. However, recently, I have experienced a string of problems with the system which won’t stop happening, and which are stopping me from getting the system working properly. It began when I had repeated data dumps with blue screen of deaths, and then got repairs or restarts when I powered up the computer after this. I decided that I needed to put the Windows 7 system back on the computer, and so I tried to move all of my essential data into a partition which failed. The setup recovery system copied the files, but then seemed to freeze, taking 4 hours to do the final few files.


I have had an accident with my Asus A46CM laptop. I say accident, what has happened is that I was playing a game last night, and suddenly a notice appeared that it was going to restart. I did not have time to close anything down, but the system was already in data dump. That is where the accident occurred, because the computer froze, probably for about an hour, and I decided that I needed to switch the system off. I did that, and when I put the laptop on again, I can hear a sort of ticking noise inside the computer, I suspect near to where the hard drive is. I cannot get into Windows now, but instead get an error message, which says ‘reboot and select proper device’ and below that is the message ‘insert boot media in boot device and press any key’.