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Laptop HDD Problems:

Most of us use a laptop in the same way as we would a desktop computer with the additional benefit of being able to take it with us on the move. But in doing so problems may arise if the laptop sustains a knock or is bumped, or dropped. To this end laptop hard drives are susceptible to damage more than their desktop counterparts. In saying that however they also suffer from the same hardware and software failings as a desktop PC and we at Advanced Data Recovery London find that we deal a lot with laptop hard drive problems that mirror those of their desktop companions.

Failure of your Laptop Hard Drive for Mechanical Reasons:

The mechanics of a laptop HDD are equal to those of their desktop PC counterparts but on a much smaller scale. Regardless of their overall size however these components operate in the same way as any other hard drive and are prone to similar failings. Platters may spin out of control, Read/Write heads may suddenly jam or the minute actuator arm that moves these heads back and forth may snap. However unlike a desktop PC these components may break because of adverse force applied to them whilst on the move. Whatever the reasons behind the failings of these components we at Advanced Data Recovery London can help recover your data to an alternative media of your choice.

Laptop Hard Drive Electronics Failure:

Sometimes it proves necessary to replace the hard drive within a laptop as a result of problems arising from the drive’s PCB. This small but important piece of hardware carries important information and sometimes the firmware that allows the drive to function. As important as the drive’s internal hardware, the PCB can degrade if it has been subjected to any kind of severe trauma; the solder that is used to connect a whole host of chips and capacitors may snap or crack if too much pressure is applied. It is important to note that while many sites on the Internet promote the possible replacement of said PCB the chances of successfully carrying out such a procedure are very slim and indeed it is possible to cause more damage to the drive. With this in mind if you think your laptop HDD has failed because of PCB degradation then we recommend you contact us here at Advanced Data Recovery London.

Failure Of Your Laptop’s HDD Firmware:

Firmware is a small program that is tucked away on the hard drive’s platters and serves to tell the hard drive how to react when working alongside other devices. However problems do occur with firmware if there has been a corruption that has rendered it unreadable by the laptop’s motherboard and the hard drive itself. And while the hard drive may continue to have the platters spinning, the drive itself may well become unreadable as those aspects of the firmware that govern the Read/Write process are damaged.

Clashes Between Your Laptop’s HDD & Operating System:

Yes it is true that an operating system can have problems and the computer will still function. However it will function at a cost. The operating system can develop problems if important system files are accidentally deleted or if bad sectors render certain files useless. In addition while attempting to clean up your hard drive using the operating system’s built-in disk management tools it is possible to move files from perfectly good sectors to bad, thus preventing them from working. This kind of problem with an operating system is often referred to as a ‘Logical Error’. If you feel that the operating system installed on your laptop is causing conflicts between the laptop and the hard drive then contact us at Advanced Data Recovery London

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