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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from cameras. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
Camera Media Recovery

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Critical Service £495

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Camera Memory Card Common Problems:

Problems can arise with your memory card irrespective of how much care is taken with it. Even the most careful of user may experience loss of data through no fault of their own. The card may be snapped, broken or subjected to extreme temperatures or submerged in liquid. General wear and tear can cause the device to fail if the device has been overly used. Whatever the reasons we at have 15 years experience in recovering data from memory cards. So if your memory card should suddenly become inaccessible then you should make every attempt to keep the card safe and contact us soon as is possible.

Physical Camera Memory Card Failures:

Within a memory card you will find a small CPU, a flash memory chip, a write protect circuit as well as so-called floating gates and capacitors that allow the information to be stored once it has passed over a thin oxide layer. Physical damage to the circuitry may result in the card becoming unreadable but we here at can still recover the data using up to the minute technology and a wealth of knowledge at the fingertips of our experts.

Camera Memory Card Electronic Issues:

Power surges have been known as one of the factors leading to the destruction or malfunction of the electronics contained within a memory card. Many users tend to leave their memory card in the host device after use and as such find that it has been damaged because the host device has played host to high levels of electricity. This current passing through the host device can lead to the memory card being damaged in particular its thin oxide layer that passes through the floating gates inside the card. We at have extensive experience in recovering data from memory cards that have suffered electronic components damage.

Deleting the Card, or Formatting it by Accident:

Every memory card is fitted with a write-protect circuit. This device in the form of a chip is designed to prevent the erasure of information from your memory card but cannot stop the data being overwritten by the user. As such we receive requests from the general public as well as professionals who have pressed the wrong key or entered the wrong command. With the understanding that the data has not overwritten with new data or the memory card has not been reformatted there is a 99.9% success rate when it comes to us being able to retrieve your data.

Operating System Not Recognising Memory Card:

Have you recently inserted a memory card into your computer’s memory card reader only for the computer to freeze? If this is the case then there may well be an issue with the integrity of the memory card and as such you should have the data recovered. We are often asked to retrieve our clients’ data when their memory card has failed or caused a conflict with the operating system. If you have experienced similar problems then we recommend you contact us at your earliest convenience, making sure that the memory card has been removed from the computer in question and also making sure that the card is not used in any other computer.

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