USB Stick Recovery

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USB Stick Recovery

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USB Stick Common Faults:

Common faults that cause the malfunction of a USB stick are damage caused by the user on a physical level, the loss of connectivity to the host device as a result of damaged or corroded pins, or the corruption of the firmware that tells the USB stick how to behave in the presence of a host device. With all of these faults being encountered by us over the last 15 years we at are experts in retrieving data from USB sticks that many other companies might consider beyond repair.

USB Stick Physical Issues:

Even after physical damage to your USB stick we can recover the data. The internal flash memory chip – known as NAND – can still be accessed using sophisticated card readers and the knowledge of our experienced engineers. And even though the USB stick may no longer be accessible using an ordinary USB adapter we have a high success rate when it comes to recovering such data. Flash drives can be damaged by extraneous force, rendering it unusable in conjunction with the host device or with any USB device but we at can still recover the data with a success rate of around 99%.

USB Stick Electronics Problems:

The components inside a USB stick are made up of the following; a small RISC microprocessor, semiconductor, crystal oscillator, and the write protect circuit. Damage to these can be caused by the introduction of too much electricity, particularly if the USB stick has been left plugged into a host device such as a desktop PC. However unless the flash memory chips have been badly damaged there is still a good chance data recovery can still be achieved. Contact our experts here at to find out more.

Accidental Loss of Data Due to Formatting or Deleting in Error:

At we can recover your accidentally deleted data using sophisticated recovery software coupled with our engineers’ years of experience. We can also back up your data to another medium for safekeeping. However we cannot guarantee a successful recovery if the USB has been formatted after the accidental loss, or if new material has been saved to the device after the existing has been deleted. In the instance of accidental deletion or mistakenly formatting the USB stick, we recommend immediately removing it from the host device and contacting us for advice on how we can best recover the data.

USB Stick and Operating System Incompatibility Errors:

The occasion may arise when the operating system on the host device may fail to recognise the USB stick or the information contained on it. General wear and tear can claim the life of the USB stick and a failure to read it within the operating system could be seen as an error that causes the operating system to freeze or lock up. If you have difficulty accessing your USB stick as a result of the operating system’s failure to read it, we recommend removing the USB stick from the host device and contacting us here at Although the USB stick may be considered to be no longer functioning, at least in the eyes of the operating system, we can recover the data from it and save it to a format of your choice..

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Get Your Important Files Back With USB Data Stick Recovery

Corsair Mini Voyager 32GB Flash Drive
I have a Corsair Mini Voyager 32GB Flash Drive where I mounted Windows 7 to help my brother fix his broken computer. After fixing his rig, I wanted to demount the OS and copy all the files of the flash drive so I can use it as a regular storage device again. I think used a wrong DAEMON tools to demount Windows 7 on the flash drive and now it is no longer recognised when I plug it on my computer. Before, it showed that it is a Windows 7 CD that I could just click and install Windows 7 smoothly. But now, it looks like it contains corrupted files.

Imation 8GB Swivel
I got this Imation 8GB Swivel (because it looked pretty nifty) that came with an Imation Lock Program. The program partitions that USB flash drive and allows you to secure each with a password. I was able to use it okay before when I saved some files in it. However, now I cannot save files on it as I usually do and the worse thing is I cannot copy files I have on it.

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Anthony Ruffles, Brent, London, UK