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Mac HDD Problems:

Hard drive failures can be anything from components attached to the hard drive to software malfunctions and corruptions. If your Mac shuts down without you requesting that it do so begins reporting a whole host of disk errors then we recommend that you shut the computer down and contact us here at Advanced Data Recovery London. We will be able to diagnose the nature of the problem from the information you give us and can help you move forward with the recovery of your data.

Drive Failure When Booting Your Mac:

There are a variety of reasons as to why a Mac won’t boot up. This is where we at Advanced Data Recovery London can help. Starting up your Mac you may see a grey screen with a stop sign (or ‘Prohibitory Sign’). If you encounter this symbol at the boot-up stage there are issues with files on your Mac’s disk that have been moved or deleted in error. If you are greeted with an unfamiliar symbol at start-up and are in any doubt as to what it means for your system, and your data, please contact us here at Advanced Data Recovery London and our experts will be able assist.

Electronic Failure Issues with the Mac Hard Drive:

As with all drives, the drive in an Apple Mac has a printed circuit board (PCB) that allows for information to be passed between it and the other devices it is attached to. It also allows for the hard drive to determine at what speed it should be operating. If this circuit board is damaged then the hard drive and its ability to function correctly are limited if not void altogether and as a result the user may find they are unable to access their data.

Firmware Problems with your Mac Hard Drive:

Within all hard drives the firmware is as important as the hardware that physically makes the reading and writing of data possible. Firmware is an integral part of any device within a computer and as such the damage to firmware can make retrieval of data from the drive impossible. With this in mind we here at Advanced Data Recovery London have helped many Mac users over the last 15 years with the retrieval of the data from their hard drive when the firmware has ceased to operate properly.

When your Mac Hard Drive Suddenly Freezes on you, or Stalls:

There may be occasions when the reading and writing of data to the drive of your Mac becomes impaired as a result of bad sectors. As the operating system is stored on the hard drive any major problems can render the operating system useless and may also prevent the hard drive from being accessed. If this happens it may seem like a good idea to reinstall your OS but we would advise against this as it usually involves formatting your hard drive. Although formatting your hard drive may allow it to function it will almost certainly cause the complete loss of your data. Contact us as soon as you discover conflicts between the Apple Mac’s OS and your hard drive and we will have one of our engineers talk you through your options and how to best secure your data.

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Mac Recovery


I have a 2013 iMac which is already showing signs of problems with the hard drive. Only a few days ago, the internal hard drive crashed out of the blue. I have some data on the drive, and I was changing the order of some of the files when the whole system just crashed straight down. When I was adjusting the files, I suddenly noticed that there was a dual back-up running, and it seems as though the data on both of the backup systems has been corrupted somehow, so that I can’t now open the files which I was looking at prior to this backup. I hooked up the drive to a spare iMac that I had, but the computer says that the drive cannot be read, and then adds another drive, much smaller and with a different name, to the Disk Utility. The data that I want to extract is not on this second mis-named drive, and so I am not able to get the data from the drive in this way.


I have an old iMac 2007 which has lost the hard drive. I had the drive working as an OS drive, and it had some data on it including saved apps and some documents. When I got a File system error while booting, I knew that there would be problems. I swapped out the drive, and put in a replacement backup drive which I had created around 2 weeks ago. Despite the fact that I have backed up and am able to use the replacement drive, I have data on the old hard drive which is still important. I have tried using the removed drive as an external drive, but while the connection spins the drive around, the computer is not reading it. I can see it in Finder, but there is no folder available, and I can’t get Disk Warrior to recognise it. I cannot hear any clicking or scratching sounds, which would suggest a failure, but I still can’t get into the drive.

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“ I tried two other data recovery companies in London but they could not recover my precious data. Thank goodness I found yourselves. Advanced Data Recovery London recovered everything including accounts and vat files. ”

Nicole Coutts, Bromley, London, UK

“ Thanks guys for the fast, professional and the regular communication regarding my data recovery, I will recommend you to all my clients. ”

Gerrard McKeown, Newham, London, UK

“ I know it's your job to recover data but we would have been lost without yourselves! I would be happy to recommend anyone in London that I know should they require a data recovery. ”

Sophia White, Merton, London, UK

“ On behalf of my entire family I would like to say a big thank you for retrieving our family photos going back 10 years. I can't actually believe you have been able to recover all the data for us. ”

Josephine Wright, Hackney, London, UK

“ Thanks for doing the work to recover my data. Your knowledge and cusomer service keeping me informaed every step of the way was very reassuring. ”

Aaron Shannon, Westminister, London, UK

“ Many thanks for saving my data, you have saved all my daya files. It was a pleasure to do business with you and I will be in contact if I have any further problems. ”

Darren Brand, Camden, London, UK

“ Thank you so much for a fantastic data recovery service and some great advice as well. My only regret is that I didn't find you earlier. ”

Anthony Ruffles, Brent, London, UK