Hard Drive Recovery

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Hard Drive Recovery

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Some Of The Common Reasons for Failure in Hard Drives :

Hard drives fail for a variety of reasons but chiefly among them are physical problems that can happen without warning and leave you, the user, without any ability to store information and also with a potentially fatal loss of information. To this end Advanced Data Recovery London is on hand to help and our engineers assist you if you have suffered a hard drive breakdown either due to component failure or software/firmware problems.

Failing Hard Drive Mechanics:

The warning signs are evident if a hard drive crash is due. There may be occasions when the computer issues a series of beeps at start-up that can be equated to hard drive failure. Or the operating system may display the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ as a means of alerting you to an impending problem. Whatever the warning the reasons may be because of the failure of mechanical elements of the drive. These include but are not limited to the Read/Write head, spindles, the platters onto which the data is saved, or the thinner-than-a-human-hair actuator arm. Issues causing the malfunction of these pieces of hardware can leave you with an inability to save and retrieve data from your drive.

Errors that Occur Through File Deletion, Formatting or Initialising Problems:

There are occasions when a hard drive has been brought to us here at Advanced Data Recovery London because it has been accidentally formatted or deleted. Our experts have been tasked with the recovery of the data that has been lost. We can do this and do so on a regular basis but it is important to remember that if you accidentally format or delete important files from your hard drive, you should not try to reformat the drive immediately afterwards or try to save any other files over those that you have deleted. With this in mind we recommend immediately shutting down your computer and contacting us should accidental deletion occur. Ensure that the computer cannot be used by anyone else and keep the drive safe in its current condition until it can be sent or delivered to us. If you have secured the drive after accidental deletion there is a greater chance that we can recover the data for you.

Electronic Failure Issues with your Hard Drive:

On your hard drive in your computer you will find what is commonly known as a Printed Circuit Board and its purpose is to provide information to the hard drive. This information details how it should function in relation to the other devices that it may be connected to. This is important if the drive you are using is of an older design and contains the drive’s firmware. Errors caused by the loss of electronic components are normally identifiable by the inability of the drive to follow simple commands such as the opening and saving of a file.

Firmware Problems with Hard Drives:

The firmware on your hard drive is designed to help your hard drive operate whilst receiving a series of requests from both computer and user at the same instant. The firmware is a small but vital piece of software that rarely changes the way it behaves. There can be exceptions to this as sometimes firmware can become corrupt or obsolete depending on when and how it was pre-installed. Upgrades and updates can be made available on the Internet but it is worth nothing that here at Advanced Data Recovery London we are often asked to assist in the recovery of data from drives that have failed due to a problem in the reinstallation of firmware.

Poor Performance Issues with your Hard Drive:

If you experience a slowness in your computer’s normal operating speed we would be inclined to suggest that there may be a potential hard drive failure looming. To this end it is important that you pay special attention to any warnings that you might receive. These warnings will take the form of your computer displaying the ‘Blue Screen of Death’, a desire on behalf of your computer to try and continually reboot, or simply being left with a frozen screen to which no changes can be made. If you notice that the process of saving information to or opening files from you hard drive is taking longer than normal, then it is likely that a problem is occurring. Or is in the process of manifesting itself. We recommend powering down your computer to ensure no further loss of data can occur; and contact us here at Advanced Data Recovery London where our engineers are on hand to help diagnose the problem as well as recover your data.

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Client Emails about Hard Drive Recovery

Help with an IOMEGA EZ Media Center Backup please? The aforementioned is a NAS device and was going great and then without warning – except maybe the occasional power outage and grating sound that I put down to moving it around – I couldn’t access anything on it. I’ve been trying for weeks now. Pretty much every night when I have come home from work and to no avail. I thought it would be worthwhile taking the drive out of the NAS and putting it into a desktop computer but nothing happened. The drive was still closed to me. Windows recognized the drive though and I thought this would be good because if I formatted it using the Windows format (in this instance NTFS) I could then use a piece of recovery software and retrieve what I needed. This worked ok and suddenly – to my joy – the disc was suddenly accessible and I thought great I’ve got my stuff back. Sadly though on closer inspection all I have access to is a previous installation’s worth of log files, .txt files and a lot of other operating system-related stuff. I still can’t find the MY DOCUMENTS folder or any of the folders I created myself to save stuff in. Have I lost it or is there some way you techy guys know of retrieving it that you are keeping to yourselves?

I have a Hewlett Packard running Windows 8 that to all intents and purposes was running fine before I put Windows 8 on it. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with Windows 8 – far from it I love it – but I think the install over Windows XP Professional has caused some kind of problem. It’s taken me ages to find the drivers I needed for my printer and what have you. Or at least what drivers I could find but there were a few missing including one for the motherboard although Windows 8 seemed happy enough with the motherboard. Now though when I boot the machine up there are all sorts of messages being displayed if I’m lucky enough to get passed the blue screen of death and as a result I’m not able to perform a backup of the stuff on my partition which I know I should have done before hand but stupid me thought everything was going to be ok. So this is my problem, how do I get that data from the partition if I can’t even start the laptop in safe mode? Any help would be appreciated.

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“ I tried two other data recovery companies in London but they could not recover my precious data. Thank goodness I found yourselves. Advanced Data Recovery London recovered everything including accounts and vat files. ”

Nicole Coutts, Bromley, London, UK

“ Thanks guys for the fast, professional and the regular communication regarding my data recovery, I will recommend you to all my clients. ”

Gerrard McKeown, Newham, London, UK

“ I know it's your job to recover data but we would have been lost without yourselves! I would be happy to recommend anyone in London that I know should they require a data recovery. ”

Sophia White, Merton, London, UK

“ On behalf of my entire family I would like to say a big thank you for retrieving our family photos going back 10 years. I can't actually believe you have been able to recover all the data for us. ”

Josephine Wright, Hackney, London, UK

“ Thanks for doing the work to recover my data. Your knowledge and cusomer service keeping me informaed every step of the way was very reassuring. ”

Aaron Shannon, Westminister, London, UK

“ Many thanks for saving my data, you have saved all my daya files. It was a pleasure to do business with you and I will be in contact if I have any further problems. ”

Darren Brand, Camden, London, UK

“ Thank you so much for a fantastic data recovery service and some great advice as well. My only regret is that I didn't find you earlier. ”

Anthony Ruffles, Brent, London, UK