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We have a wide range of clients in and around the London area. They range from banking institutions, schools and universities, government bodies and local councils, SMEs, departments of the National Health Service and home computer users. We are the premier Data Recovery company in London and have helped many clients over the years with a whole host of problems.

Recovery Case Studies

Case Study 1: A failed MacBook Pro 2013

Client had a Macbook which had a large number of photographs and music on it. The Macbook had been in use for 14 months before it failed. The Macbook suffered a knock when it fell from a desk, it was switched on at the time when it fell. Now when Macbook starts up it makes a beeping noise. Client brought laptop to a local repair shop who could not recover the data for her. We received hard disk in and diagnosed that the hard disk had suffered motor failure. We upgraded the motor on the hard disk and imaged and extracted the data. Client verified data via email and we then promptly backed up the data to an external portable hard drive and dispatched back to client.

* We are Apple Mac data recovery experts and have been recovering Mac systems for 15 years.

Case Study 2: Buffalo Linkstation NAS System

Client uses the Buffalo Linkstation NAS System to save all his business data onto. There is essiential data on the drive for business accounts that they need for a VAT return. Client is receiving error message that the Buffalo Linkstation needs to be formatted. By mistake the drive was formatted by one of the clients staff. The client perfomred a RAW recovery of the Buffalo Linkstation using data recovery software but it only recovered bits and pieces and the data was no good to him as he needs the Quickbooks data extracted as it was on the Buffalo Linkstation. Buffalo Linkstation was setup in a Raid 0 configuration with 4 x 1TB Seagate Hard Drives. All hard drives were imaged and disks were put back in their box. Our engineers worked with the file system to rebuild the reformatted data. We reconstructed the data and extracted a full raid set of data from the system. We completed this job in 3 days and was completed under our no fix no fee policy.

* We are London's No1 Data Recovery Company that recovers Buffalo Linkstation Systems.

Case Study 3: QNAP Server – Failed Firmware Upgrade

Client was running a Qnap server that crashed after doing a firmware update that was recommended by Qnap! Firmware seemed to install without any problems but when client tried to boot the Qnap server the system would not boot up and kept switching itself off. Client tried to repower on the Qnap Server several times but nothing worked. Client removed drives from system and put them into an identical Qnap system they purchased, system would not boot up. We received in Qnap system and diagnosed that the 1st disk had a lot of sector problems on it. This would explain the firmware update failure. We forced read the sectors on the 1st disk on an imaging system and imaged all other hard drives. We then processed the 8TB of data from system for a full recovery.

* We are specialists in recovering data from Qnap servers even if a rebuild has been run!

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We are Londons No1 Data Recovery Company and have 4 London Data Recovery Centres. We recover data data for all types of individuals, Small Businesses, Corporate Companies, Charity Organistaions, Government Depts such as Museums, NHS, Civil Service, Banks etc. Below you will see testimonials from our many customers we have recovered data for throughout the year. All our Data Recovery Centres are open from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

  • We are Londons No1 Data Recovery Company and have recovered data for thousands of clients rom London over the last 14 years..
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