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Get Your Data Recovered No fix? No fee!

Advanced Data Recovery London are specialists in the field of Data Recovery services and deliver daily recovery advice and support to our clients within the Greater London area. We have 15 years experience and are on hand to recover data from a whole host of computers including Desktop PCs, Laptops, Email Servers and RAID setups.

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Stack of hard drives

Failed RAID Server Recovery No fix? No fee!

With 15 years experience under our belt when it comes to recovering data from a variety of storage devices we believe we offer the most competitive and most concise Raid Recovery Services within London and its surrounding locales. Our engineers have experience in retrieving data from a variety of RAID servers too numerous to mention.

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Data Recovery Centers Nationwide

Twenty Nationwide Centres No fix? No fee!

We have 4 Data Recovery Centres based in and around London. With another 16 throughout the UK and Ireland we have a Data Recovery Centre near you. We welcome visits from our clients if they are near to one of our Data Recovery Centres; otherwise send your device to us via Royal Mail registered post or courier service.

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No Fix No Fee!

Whilst every effort is made to recover your data and our success rate is 99.9%; if we can't recover the data there is nothing to pay.

Laptop Data Recovery

No Job Too Large or Small

Our recovery services have helped everyone from individuals to large companies, corporations and government bodies.

Laptop Data Recovery

Super Quick Recovery Times

We believe we offer the fastest and most successful Data Recovery service in London.

Super Quick Data Recovery

Did You Know?

Our Data Recovery Centres stock over 20,000+ parts

With such a large amount of stock to fall back on we can keep our costs low.

Advanced Data Recovery London Can Help You Recover From Data Loss

Advanced Data Recovery London are specialists in the field of data recovery and as such as the premier data recovery company in London. Our main aim is to help your business recover from the loss of data as a result of hardware failure. Our engineers will provide you with a No Obligation quote and a diagnosis of the problem. Click here for more information...

Apple Mac Recovery

APPLE MAC: I have an Apple Mac computer which is used for work. This computer contains all of the details of the business, including dealings with clients, and other files which are really essential to the company. This information is usually backed up onto a Raid Array Server each night using the Deja-Vu backup system, but I discovered a problem when I tried to copy one of the files to a USB flash drive. When I opened up the file in order to view it before moving, I saw that the file was corrupt. I opened one after another, and […] Read More

Samsung Laptop Recovery

SAMSUNG NC10 14GW: I have a Samsung NC10 14GW which is not showing any display on the monitor. I put on the laptop, and I can hear it beeping as it comes on, and see the lights starting. Everything seems to be working, I just can’t see anything at all on the laptop. If I shine a light directly at the monitor, I can see a bit of the desktop, but not enough to work with. I can’t see what I am doing, and so I can’t open any of the files or extract any data. This is a problem […] Read More

Qnap & Lacie Raid Recovery

QNAP RAID 5 WD HARD DRIVES: We have a QNAP server with a 8-disk array in a RAID 5 configuration. We are having a lot of problems with the system not working as I wanted it to, beginning when the NAS reported that one of the drives was offline. I rebooted the server, and the drive came back online, but only for a minute or so. I rebooted again, and suddenly had a ton of error messages. The array failed completely, and I got a message from the NAS saying that it had only been online for 5-6 milliseconds. In […] Read More